A Punk Landmark: CBGB

Where the Punk Scene broke out in New York City

CBGB exterior, Google images

By the early seventies, as punk and underground rock crashed New York City’s music scene, a local bar opened for business somewhere in downtown Manhattan.

CBGB & OMFG- which stood for country, bluegrass, blues & other music for uplifting gormandizers– was founded in 1973 by a man named Hilly Kristal. As a music fan, he wanted to open a bar where people could enjoy live music and good company. Kristal booked music groups for cheap gigs and, in time, his bar became one of the central hubs for punk music.

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Backstory: Defining Punk

and a word with Henry Rollins

Here’s me during my senior year of high school

When I turn my car radio on, I usually hear another top 40 hit song being played yet again. Whether it’s a current favorite, or a song from an entirely different decade, it seems like many radio deejays give listeners little variety to choose from.

While most DJs play songs from various genres, they can’t play everything. It’s rare to hear punk music being played on the radio- unless you listen to a certain station or play music from your phone. But punk bands, like Black Flag or The Stooges, receive little to no radio airplay today.

And depending on where you live, chances are, you don’t often see a guy or girl walking down the street with a multi-colored mohawk, wearing a studded leather jacket, combat boots, and carrying a vinyl re-issue of The Clash in hand. Sounds like they must be punks, right?

But what exactly is punk?

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