A Punk Landmark: CBGB

Where the punk scene broke out in NYC


indexBy the early seventies, as punk and underground rock crashed New York City’s music scene, a local bar opened for business.

CBGB— which stood for Country, Bluegrass, & Blues— was founded in 1973 by a man named Hilly Kristal. With intent to run a place where people could enjoy live music and good company, Kristal’s bar soon turned into a hot spot for musical lovers abound.

While many bands shuffled through the doors of CBGB, several found success and lived out their musical careers onstage. Punks took up residency, as they watched groups like The Ramones, Blondie, & Talking Heads perform time and again.

Since then, CBGB has seen numerous bands from all kinds of genres perform live, but after 33 years of business, CBGB closed in 2006. While it may not present live music anymore, Kristal’s bar has been reopened to the public as a museum. Although most people say CBGB was the birthplace of punk rock, it also served as a place where music thrived and was enjoyed by the masses.

Here is a Youtube link to a documentary on CBGB and the bands who influenced the New York Punk Scene.

CBGB Documentary (Youtube)

Also, in 2013, Randall Miller directed a loosely-based docufilm, CBGB. You can find it on Netflix

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