FASHION: Doc Martens, a Punk Staple

A few weeks ago, in one of my classes I sat by a girl who I noticed was wearing a pair of Doc Martens with white shoelaces. Back in the day, Doc Marten boots became a huge symbol with the punk culture simply because work boots became part of the punk style and were useful in fights and kicking butt.

According to Anti-Defamation, wearing doc martens with colored laces submerged from Great Britain during the 1970’s, as part of the skinhead subculture. So, how do skinheads differ from punks? And what do the different shoelace colors mean?

Well, skinheads were based in the U.K. around the sixties and focused on the working class. They tended to be white males who held white-supremacist beliefs, also referred to as Neo-Nazis. Punks were more  motivated by music and making a statement/change against institutions and societal norms. Punks adopted the doc marten look from the skinheads.

Here’s the different shoelace colors and their meanings (back in the day):

Red meant Neo-Nazi/ or identified with Left Wings and Socialists

White stood for White Supremacy

Blue meant you killed a cop

Black was traditional

Black and white represented racial unity or Ska music


Below is a link that gives more insight on what it means to be a skinhead




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