The Bouncing Souls at The Roxy

For most students, spring break is time spent with family and friends or planning road trips, especially when you live 14 hours away from home. Sure, I was coming home for break to visit with family, but I was really coming back to see The Bouncing Souls.

On the night of the show, as a mass of people shuffled inside The Roxy- which is actually bigger than expected- I made my way to the front of the stage. I was totally psyched for the show to start. There seemed to be a certain energy in the air, as sweaty bodies smashed together, trying to get a good view. Fans made small talk, and people began to chant the lyrics to “Ole.”

When the curtains went up, The Souls greeted the audience and opened with “Lamar Vanoy” and played an amazing set– which included all of my favorite songs like “Lean on Sheena,” “Hopeless Romantic,” and “Manthem.” These New Jersey natives did not disappoint.

After seeing them play at the It’s Not Dead Fest two years ago, the band hasn’t changed much. Even the guitarist, Pete Steinkopf, was wearing the same shirt – The Cure’s Disintegration- that he wore at the fest. Even though the mosh pit nearly destroyed my glasses, I could not think of a better way to spend St. Patrick’s Day (again haha).

    Here’s The Bouncing Souls playing “The Something Special” from their 2006 album, How I Spent my Summer Vacation


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