Known for witty lyrics fueled by caffeine, food, and girls, The Descendents joined the L.A. punk scene in 1977. The band originally had three members, but added Milo Aukerman on vocals in 1981. A year went by before the Descendents released their debut LP, Milo Goes to College, which included “Bikeage” and “Suburban Home.” But the album title proved to be no joke, as Aukerman went to study, and later earn a PhD in, biochemistry at UCSD.

Aukerman’s leave marked the first hiatus for the Descendents and drummer, Bill Stevenson, joined Black Flag. In 1985, the band re-grouped and released I Don’t Want to Grow Up. Over the years, the Descendents have gone on several more breaks and have issued more albums, like their latest- Hypercaffium Spazzinate– which came out last year.

Here is a video of the Descendents performing “Everything Sucks” at the 2015 It’s Not Dead Fest




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