With outrageously vulgar lyrics and a belligerent stage presence, Fear joined the marginal hardcore punk scene in L.A. From the time they formed in 1977, it didn’t take long for Fear to be recognized among local punk fans. Fronted by lead singer, Lee Ving, Fear became known for their wild antics on and off stage and provoking audiences with anarchist, misogynist messages- found in songs like “The Trouble with Women” and “Let’s Have a War.”

In 1981, Fear released their first album, The Record. Shortly after its release, the band gave a notorious performance on Saturday Night Live, which ultimately ended with Fear being banned from the studio.

A year later, before he played in The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Flea was the bassist for Fear. After all this time, Fear is still together.

Here’s a video of Fear performing on SNL in 1981.                                                         https://youtu.be/Frud5RFtTi0

And “I Love Livin’ in the City” from the 1981 album, The Record                               https://youtu.be/JEkwMHLfL4I


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