Black Coffee, Black Flag, & Henry Rollins

Coming from Hermosa Beach, CA, Black Flag formed in 1976. With cynical angst and musical experimentation, this band redefined punk with a new hardcore sound. The original lineup included Greg Ginn on guitar, Chuck Dukowski on bass, drummer Brian Migdol, and vocalist Kieth Morris. But, not long after releasing their first EP– Nervous Breakdown– Morris went off to form the Circle Jerks and Migdol also disbanded. In 1981, Black Flag recruited Henry Rollins as their new lead singer.

Although the band only stayed together for a decade, they pioneered post-punk, which influenced other bands like the Minutemen, Dead Kennedys and others. After the band disbanded in 1986, Rollins went on to form The Rollins Band and pursue spoken word. Continue reading “Black Coffee, Black Flag, & Henry Rollins”

What Punk Means (to Henry Rollins)

To many people, “punk” is a term synonymous with feelings of anger and hostility. Maybe images of skinheads raising the middle finger comes to mind. The punk subculture represents an entirely different attitude that was not apparent during the sixties. Continue reading “What Punk Means (to Henry Rollins)”