The Vandals

Orange County punk veterans, The Vandals, have been rocking since 1980. With Juvenile humor that embraces the trials of adolecence- from first dates and parents to mullets and friends- The Vandals are all about having a good time.

But it wasn’t until the early 90’s when they started attracting attention with the release of their album, Live Fast Diarrhea. Full of catchy verses and satire, The Vandals preach unconventional punk, taking cues from bands like Descendents and The Dickies. Since then, The Vandals have been touring and putting on their annual House of Blues Christmas Formal, which I went to in 2015. They also performed at the It’s Not Dead Fest.

If you like pizza as much as I do, here’s The Vandals “Pizza Tran” from the album, Fear of a Punk Planet (2000)

And “I’ve Got an Ape Drape” from the album, Hitler Bad, Vandals Good (1998)



Known for witty lyrics fueled by caffeine, food, and girls, The Descendents joined the L.A. punk scene in 1977. The band originally had three members, but added Milo Aukerman on vocals in 1981. A year went by before the Descendents released their debut LP, Milo Goes to College, which included “Bikeage” and “Suburban Home.” But the album title proved to be no joke, as Aukerman went to study, and later earn a PhD in, biochemistry at UCSD.

Aukerman’s leave marked the first hiatus for the Descendents and drummer, Bill Stevenson, joined Black Flag. In 1985, the band re-grouped and released I Don’t Want to Grow Up. Over the years, the Descendents have gone on several more breaks and have issued more albums, like their latest- Hypercaffium Spazzinate– which came out last year.

Here is a video of the Descendents performing “Everything Sucks” at the 2015 It’s Not Dead Fest



The Bouncing Souls at The Roxy

For most students, spring break is time spent with family and friends or planning road trips, especially when you live 14 hours away from home. Sure, I was coming home for break to visit with family, but I was really coming back to see The Bouncing Souls.

On the night of the show, as a mass of people shuffled inside The Roxy- which is actually bigger than expected- I made my way to the front of the stage. I was totally psyched for the show to start. There seemed to be a certain energy in the air, as sweaty bodies smashed together, trying to get a good view. Fans made small talk, and people began to chant the lyrics to “Ole.” Continue reading “The Bouncing Souls at The Roxy”

It’s Not Dead Fest 2015 & 2017


Over 20,000 people attended the It’s Not Dead Fest on October 10, 2015. With an epic lineup that included Bad Religion, NOFX, The Descendents, and so many more bands, the fest brought back punk from the 90’s. I got to see Less Than Jake and The Bouncing Souls for the first time.

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Most people believed that the It’s Not Dead Fest was a one time event but, just recently, Rancid front man- Tim Armstrong- and lead singer of The Dropkick Murphys– Ken Casey- announced this month that their bands would be headlining the 2017 It’s Not Dead Fest. This time around, the fest seems to be more focused on ska-punk groups like The Interrupters, Buck-O-Nine, and Mad Caddies. Tickets for the fest are selling fast, so get them while you can!